Mom's Hip – Accident and Healing
    history:   Monday morning, June 26, Mom fell and fractured her left hip.  She went to an emergency room in Anaheim, then a hospital in Tustin where they did surgery Tuesday night, and it went well.  Thursday evening, for rehabilitation (healing, physical therapy,...) she was moved to Buena Vista Care Center (1440 S Euclid in Anaheim, just north of Cerritos on east side of street, across from Loara HS) for at least a couple of weeks, probably more.     { fyi:  buena vista (spanish) is (in english) "good vision" or "beautiful scenery" }
    visiting:   Mom is in fourth room on left, 107-A, in bed nearest hallway.  She enjoys visitors, and each visit is an enjoyable break from the often-boring routine, and loneliness, of 24/7 life in a nursing facility.  You can go whenever you want during visiting hours, 8 am to 8 pm.  Or coordinate your timing with Kobe (her wonderful little dog) and me, so we can join you for part of your visit or all of it, by emailing ( or telephoning.  Probably I will visit most afternoons & evenings, beginning a little after 2 & 7.  Each evening by 9 pm, I will post my plans for the next day;  but also look again the next day before you visit, to check for possible changes.

Saturday, July 29  —  Mom came home last night around 7:00.

    If you're driving north on Euclid, their driveway is on the right, 100 yards past Cerritos -- look for the "Buena Vista Care" sign.
    If you're driving south on Euclid, on the right side is Loara HS.  On the left side, after you pass a Korean church (plus a parking lot & vacant lot) and a small street, immediately move into the center lane – watch for oncoming cars! – and turn left into the driveway.   (there is a "Buena Vista Care" sign, but it's low and small, behind a tree trunk, maybe not easy to see)
    After you enter the driveway, parking for BV is on the right side of the lot.  Some spots are restricted for Handicapped, Physician, Director.  If there are no spots (this often happens in daytime, but not at night), most spaces to the left are marked "only La Guardia" but you can park on the nearby street to the north (Buena Vista St) which is restricted only "overnight" and Thursday afternoon, and within 15 feet of the fire hydrant.