Ph.D. Dissertation
of Craig Rusbult

By clicking the links below, you can read (or save to disk)
a copy of the files for my Ph.D. dissertation, submitted to
the University of Wisconsin-Madison on March 14, 1997.

The contents of my dissertation are summarized
on the Table of Contents page, which is probably
a world record for the longest T-of-C for a dissertation.   :<)

So the files (RTF and PDF) will be reasonably sized,
the dissertation has been split into five parts:
ch12.rtf and ch12.PDF  (the abstract,and Chapters 1 and 2)
ch34.rtf and ch34.PDF  (Chapters3and4)
tables.rtf and tables.PDF  (tables forChapter 3 and Appendix)
refs.rtf and refs.PDF  (title page,tableofcontents, references)
appendix.rtf and appendix.PDF (alongdissertation-Appendix)

all parts of dissertation, © copyright 1997 by Craig Rusbult, all rights reserved

The earlier version of ISM (in the dissertation files above) is slightly different, verbally and visually, from
the revised/condensed version (in the ASA website, especially on the SCIENCE-page and DETAILS-page).

In the post-dissertation revision, some terms have changed, and so has the ISM-diagram.
To see the ISM-diagram described in my dissertation, check ISMFOR DISSERTATION.
And the ideas have been developed more widely in Science& Design in Education.

All of these files were originally written in MicrosoftWord 5.1 for Macintosh.
They have been converted into Rich Text Format (RTF) using MS-Word 6 forMac.
When opened in any MS-Word program (I've tried 5.1, 6, 2004 on Mac, 6 withWindows 95),
almost everything turns out fine, although on a PC a few "symbol" fontsare misinterpreted,
and in "page view" a few pages (with tables and also 2 columns)have a strange layout.
With WordPerfect 6 on a PC, most things are OK, but some tables are reformatted.